Monday, September 08, 2003

Improving a scan

Friend Karen Stanley sent us this photograph taken in the English Lake District - Hard Knott Pass. In the e-mail she noted: "The view is from Hardknott Fort, about twelve miles west of Windermere on the road from Little Langdale to Boot, looking to the northeast. It's one of my favorite spots in England and well worth a visit if you find yourself in the Lake District. (We seem to have cut off the top of Bow Fell, though, and the focus is not too good, although that may have been the scanner's fault.)"

After a few moments working with the jpeg file, I made some adjustments! See below.

Nature photographers often have a problem with the "manufacture" of scenery and other digital manipulations. I am not sure that Bow Fell actually looks like it is shown above, but it must be a close approximation. The sharpening is a custom FocalPlane routine using a particular setting from Photoshop's vast array of options.