Friday, October 10, 2003

Ellis used to be a neighbor in Montrose. We actually met as a result of being active participants on One day I walked into AZ Lab and Ellis heard my name. "Not the Paul Ashton on" "Er, yes!?" I replied, wondering if I had in some way upset this 6' 4" but friendly looking guy with some controversial comment on one of the forums. "I really liked that brown pelican shot you posted the other day!" We've been good friends ever since!

About that time Ellis started dating Guinevere and then they got married. A wonderful ceremony at an exciting venue - the Live Oak Friends Meeting House (check out their site and note the James Turrell Skyspace). Then they moved to Atlanta and shortly after baby Alison was born. We have yet to meet Alison but thanks to Ellis' frequent digital newsletters and photo albums we know here quite well!

Well, do check out - a well-designed gallery of fine pictures. And there's a rogue or two in Ellis' gallery!