Friday, October 17, 2003

Nikon F2

In anticipation of a work assignment that requires I carry minimum equipment and not be too obtrusive, I have dusted off the 28 year old Nikon F2 and bought a beat up but otherwise optically sound 28mm f 2.8 AIS wide angle lens. This lens is considered one of Nikon's best ever lenses so it will be interesting to compare results with more modern lenses.

The Nikon F2 is a classic. With a Photomic meter built in to the pentaprism head it offers good exposure control while the camera itself is efficient, not too heavy, and in this day and age, virtually indestructable. Just after I bought it, in 1976, I accidentally dunked it in a river in Indonesia, but only for a split second. A quick toweling off and it worked just fine. Modern electronic cameras don't survive such treatment - my Nikon Coolpix was ruined when I knocked a small glass of water over it while staying at a B&B this past summer. The cost to repair was quoted to be far more than to replace it with a comparable model.