Friday, October 31, 2003

Two weeks in South America

A busy two weeks spent mostly inside an inside office, but I did get to visit the mountains north of Maturin, Venezuela, last Sunday. This is where the F2 was used for the first time in several years (see October 17 entry). The slides will be processed in a few days time and hopefully one or two images will be posted here. The main reason for taking the F2, to photograph oil field installations, was not to be, but there will be another opportunity and I may use the F5 next time.

The reason for not being sure about this is that I have been searching for an airline compatible case that can carry both a laptop computer and a large camera like the F5 with several lenses. The high end digital cameras are similar in size to the F5 so you would think there might be a market for such a bag. But so far I have not found one.