Friday, January 02, 2004

Travel Observations

Paul flew from London to Houston today. April took the train back to the Cotswolds. Some observations:

A working day sandwiched between New Years Day and a Saturday is not a working day, apparently. No London taxis to be seen at 6:45 a.m. while Thames Trains decided to spring a "Saturday service" timetable on unsuspecting travelers. Meantime the Gatwick Express failed to live up to its name.

Spending a £10 note at Gatwick Duty Free can be difficult. The said note, delivered from an HSBC ATM two days earlier, is "no longer legal tender (since November)". How, then can it be legally dispensed by an ATM after the sell by date?

Continental Airlines managed to depart on time and arrive on time. Highlight of the day.

"H0meland Secur1ty" could be an oxymoron, like Military Intelligence. What seems to be happening is that HS creates huge bottlenecks at airports and then tries to catch up by taking minimal interest in each arriving passenger. That's my observation, anyway.