Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Back to Venezuela

The rest of my stay in Houston saw rain and more miserable rain, right up to the day I left to return to Venezuela. But I was able to do a few interesting things. The best was to take several rides on MetroRail, Houston's new light rail service. The first time was a legitimate journey, to an all day meeting downtown. The Museum District Station is 3-4 blocks from home so just a few minutes walk. Buy an all day ticket for $2 (which will also allow transfer to a bus journey) and enjoy the ride down Main Street. The second trip was an excuse to take a walk downtown on Saturday afternoon. The train was full, standing room only, with many "first-timers" some of whom had clearly never ridden on public transport before!

I'll be adding several photos to the MetroRail portfolio. As many people agree, Houston as a city has finally "grown up". There used to be an efficient "interurban service" up to 1948 when the automobile completely took over and the concrete lobby began to amass their riches! So it would be better to say that Houston has found itself again, buried under all that concrete!