Sunday, March 14, 2004

Small airports have their advantages

The past few and next several weekends will see me doing a lot of traveling. Today I flew from Birmingham (UK) to Newark/New York Liberty and on to Houston Bush Intercontinental. Birmingham has very few translatlantic flights which is a distinct advantage as everything is very efficient. Newark is big and busy but reasonably efficient. Houston is getting even bigger and busier and it took 15 minutes to walk from plane to baggage carousel and another 20 minutes for the carousel to start delivering baggage. Not the best ending to an otherwise good trip.

I sat next to a Continental pilot from Birmingham to Newark (no, he wasn't actually flying the plane) and got some interesting insight into airline travel, freedom of thought and why we need to understand the finite and the infinite (you can't have the one without the other). Thanks, John, for helping the hours to "fly" by!