Thursday, May 20, 2004

Jurassic Coast Morning

Our tent pitch high on the cliff overlooking Weston Mouth, East Devon. Glorious view to the rising sun and the cliffs above Branscombe. In retrospect I think camping on the beach would have been better (no slope) but we were put off by the thought of hauling all our stuff down and up again. In the spirit of wild camping we struck camp soon after this photo was taken and walked down to the beach behind the camera, at Salcombe Mouth, to cook and enjoy breakfast. Below is a view at beach level. Later in the day there were all of 6 people with us on this relatively remote beach (half an hour hike from a road). The town at the end of the beach is Sidmouth.

One point I should make (as a geologist). The red cliff rocks are Triassic in age, capped by whitish Cretaceous limestones. No Jurassic in between, even though we were on the Jurassic Coast. You have to go east for the famous ammonites at Lyme Regis.