Tuesday, June 22, 2004

More on the "You Know You're A Brummie Because"

These are my most relevant "you knows" on the long list:

No. 2 - my maternal grandmother always warned us about the "orse roud". She also called it the "king's highway" (she did live in Kingstanding)

Nos. 16 and 17 - guilty!

No. 44 - this is the famous No. 11 circular bus route. I believe someone has made or is making a movie about the No. 11.

No. 45 - There is a good chance I'm related to Carl Chinn - my great grandmother was Elizabeth Chinn.

No. 54 - As a Brummie whose family had moved to north Warwickshire, the Black Country sounded as far away as Africa. But later I found out that Dudley was in the Black Country and I had been to the zoo several times. What a let down!

No. 56 - Birmingham may be more multi-cultural than almost anywhere else except maybe New York and London. To give an example, Birmingham's St. Patrick's Day Parade is the third largest, after New York and Dublin. That means it's bigger than Boston's!

No 64 - I loved the Lickey Hills - we used to take the tram until they scrapped it.