Tuesday, June 15, 2004

West Wales

All in all, the past few weeks have been a testing time. Losing a computer and two passports makes you realize that however hard you think you are trying to keep things safe there are people out there who are intent on upsetting the balance of life for their own small gain. I am quite convinced that the backpack was stolen, not lost, but since I wasn't mugged (think goodness) or otherwise aware of the theft I can only report the items as lost.

This being said, while we waited the customary week for the passports to be replaced, we took off for West Wales and out came the FinePix S7000 again (a whole lot of images from Devon are lost and gone for ever, except the two dated May 20). The picture above was taken from the shores of Llyn y Fan on the northern flank of the Black Mountain, the western extension of the Brecon Beacons. We were aiming for the coast so only hiked up to the lake on a warm Monday morning. There were few people about. Black Mountain is a large escarpment tilted to the south with the only rugged manifestation being along the north facing scarp. There are two natural lakes though this one has been dammed to increase its capacity. An area worthy of future exploration.

The photo below is of our hotel in picturesque Aberaeron, a Regency town and small port that has undergone an impressive rennaissance. The Harbourmaster Hotel is considered one of Wales' best small hotels and the owners, Menna and Glyn, have done a tremendous job of creating a modern comfortable home away from home. The food is delicious and the rooms are eclectic. Many of the houses flanking the small harbor have been painted in bold colors that dispel the notion of Wales being a rather drab place.

The coastline south of Aberaeron is beautiful, relatively unspoilt and good for walking, swimming (brrr) and generally lazing about on the sand. This photo is of a cove that merits further exploration in the future.