Monday, June 21, 2004

You Know You're A Brummie Because

Pete has just reminded his blog-readers of the existence of Virtual Brum and this particularly penetrating link that makes us Brummies out for what we really are!

On a recent flight from Birmingham to Newark I was sitting next to two young West Midland ladies (originally both Brummies but one now lives in Dudley). They were discussing the fact that the flight west took longer than the flight east. "I s'pose that's because we are flying uphill" was their explanation.

Later I asked them why they were going to New York. The inevitable answer, given with a broad and expectant smile: "Shopping!" Had they visited the new Bullring shopping centre, I asked? "Oh no", said one, "I live in Dudley these days, I never go to Birmingham!"

That's interesting, because Birmingham airport is on the west side of the city and Dudley is on the east. And it's downhill from Dudley!