Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Should the BBC be politically active?

The BBC is an interesting organization that generally provides excellent news around the globe. But much of of its web-site content is contentious, politically motivated and to my mind inaccurate. This page is a good example. The BBC clearly believes that global warming is a proven fact of life, yet it isn't by any reasonable measurement. Too many people have been taken in by the global warming bandwagon. It's time I started to counter some of the wrongs that have been done in the name of "scientific research funding".

Basically, global warming has been floated as a means to gain access to public funding for research. Never mind that geologists can demonstrate huge shifts in temperature through (geologic) time frames and that in many cases there appears to be a strong correlation between the sun's activity and warming/cooling trends here on earth. Most models established to demonstrate recent "global warming trends" don't work (but give them more funding and they will try to perfect the models to prove their point!) There is scant evidence that humankind during the past 100 years has made any significant and long-lasting impact to the state of our planet. In fact, volcanos have created more impact than all the man-made emissions in reducing the effectiveness of the ozone layer.

It is worth considering that a reduced ozone layer may have been responsible for allowing radiation to cause the mutations that gave rise to the evolution of homo sapiens. Now there's a thought! Only a thought, mind you, so why not spend huge amounts of money to test that theory?

Coming back to the BBC. I personally resent the fact that our mandatory TV and Radio License Fee is paying for web pages such as the example given. It is wrong to allow an "independent" body to have so much political sway and yet remain unaccountable to those that foot the bill.