Monday, September 27, 2004

Isobel's Birthday Lunch

Yesterday we hosted Isobel and her parents to a birthday lunch. As noted below (Sept 24), she's just turned one! The weather was fine (unusual!) and lunch proved to be a great success - roast leg of lamb from the town's butcher ("Welsh lamb is the best!") with rattatouille. Afterwards we went for a walk and later I had a brief photo session with the F5. With film, of course, there are no instant results, so it may be a while before examples are posted. I felt like David Hemmings in "Blow Up", taking ultra close ups of Isobel as she attempted to attack the 60mm Macro lens that somehow managed to keep her inquisitive features in focus. The results may be a bit blurry - fast moving subject in the shade with 100 ASA film - but I really enjoyed the tactile feel of instant response to the shutter that digital cameras lack. The F5 simply clicks when you expect it to, not 500 milliseconds later (when Isobel is already doing something else and the moment is lost).