Thursday, October 14, 2004

Day 5 - Nissan-Lez-Enserune

The weather started cloudy but we had already decied to spend the day back in Collioure and this was a very good decision. We made good progress and decided to visit some of the small villages flanking the mountains west of Collioure. We ran into a lot of English residents during the course of the day and it would seem that this area is slowly being taken over by sunseekers. Too bad that one attractive village has had its creperie turned into an Irish bar serving fish and chips! Before reaching Collioure we took a look at Argeles sur Mer and Argeles Plage and have to disagree with the guide book that this is a place not worth stopping for! As the photo below shows, the beach is an expanse of perfect coarse sand.

The very last beach before the Pyrenees come down to the Mediterranean is called Racou Plage and here we found several rows of small beach houses forming a summer community.

So, on to Collioure and a picque-nicque on the beach, but not before we both enjoyed a long swim in the bay. As the afternoon cooled down we took the opportunity to stroll around the town, fast emptying of the day tourists.