Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Off to France!

Two weeks in France! The first holiday of such length we have ever experienced! Imagine then, the surprise (shock) when we found that April's passport has expired and it is only 30 hours to our scheduled departure on Le Shuttle! Thankfully the UK Passport Office can move quickly enough and by making a detour into central London, we were able to leave the country legally with every prospect of being able to return!

The Eurotunnel option to cross the English Channel is now the preferred route and we can see why. Show up 30 minutes before the scheduled departure, drive on to the special trains and 35 minutes later - voila! France. Once on French soil we knew our first Chambre d'Hote was only minutes away but through a quirk of French autoroute signage we overshot the exit. We later found out the exits had been renumbered! Anyway, as darkness approached, out came the GPS system and we were safely in our French B&B in minutes.