Friday, November 12, 2004

Choice of Browsers

Photographer friend Ellis Vener once coined the term Microsoft Exploder for the most common browser used by PC owners. Truth is, IE (Internet Explorer) users now have choices that don't include Netscape (which seems to be on its way to oblivion). In the Mac world we have Safari, Apple's very own elegant browser that is simple to operate yet packed with features (such as tabs). According to my family expert, Pete, I have no need to worry about alternatives, but he does suggest, quite strongly, that IE users in the PC world switch to Firefox. There are lots of good reasons for doing so, not the least being security issues. It seems that hackers like to attack the most common platform which is why Mac users often don't understand what all the virus fuss is all about. So Firefox is a good solution, at least until it becomes too popular for its own good! Best reason I know, though, is because it offers tabs and is also free to download.