Tuesday, November 09, 2004

To the woman at the next table

We would just like to say: "Keep your small minded political comments to yourself!"

I don't know who she might be, but we certainly got to hear her life history as her voice had a piercing ring to it. Apparently quite wealthy, she also owned some strong opinions and more than the three people at her own table were accosted with derisive comments about the November 2 elections. The entire restaurant could hear every word.

Appears her claim to being an expert on Kerry's wooden-ness and Edwards' smart mouth as well as Bush's extreme lack of intelligence was entirely based on the fact that she lived in America for several years during the 1960s!

Both of us said later that we were about to stand up, go over the her table and politely ask her to stop. But perhaps she sensed enough had been said as she barely spoke again for the rest of the evening. Ah the power of mental persuasion!