Friday, December 10, 2004

ADSL Broadband Start Up Date

Well, BT (British Telecom) have finally confirmed that January 5 will be the start up date for ADSL at our exchange. 512K 15 Gig/month download service will start as soon as I receive the modem and filter(s) on the Fifth of January. About time, BT. The story behind this is long and boring but suffice it to say that BT kept raising the bar and the community kept rising to the occasion. BT finally gave way and then admitted that they would have to lay 9 kilometers of fiber optic cable before ADSL would be possible. Somehow I think they were hoping we couldn't match their ever-increasing threshold. But we did.

Another language idiom - I starting hearing internet people say "rooter" and did not have the faintest idea what they were talking about. Then I said I needed a "router" and the whole thing fell into place. American English tends to say words the way they are spelt, British English tends to say whatever has become normal over hundreds of years. Just look at the word "route" and tell me it's pronounced "root"! Oh yes, in France. . . . but they speak French over there!