Saturday, December 04, 2004


Seems like a week of decorating both here and in Banbury (where I get paid in delicious dinners - thanks Lucy!) At home it's the turn of the guest suite. An interesting area in that the ceiling is "very cottagey" with lots of slopes and so on. The original decor was all Gardenia (an off white/cream) but I thought the rooms would do with a bit brighter look so bought Brilliant White for the ceilings, and more Gardenia for the walls. This rule was decided: if the wall is vertical, Gardenia, if not, White. It seems to work but it does look a bit fussy. However, that's what cottage bedrooms generally are, so perhaps it will look fine once all the furniture is back in. Only the trim left to do.

I went to my favorite paint store this morning. The "paint guy" observed that "it's a bit thin today". I thought he meant the paint but he was referring to the weather (heavy freeze last night!)