Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Hard Disk Failure

Our "tower" G4 started to play up a few days ago - iTunes would stop for no reason for a few seconds, then resume. Then the drive stopped altogether and would not reboot. There is a second drive in the computer, so I loaded OSX 10.3 from the master disks onto it and was able to look at the first drive. All the data seemed to be intact but the "keys" were not aligned, whatever that means. So I copied all the data files and program files onto the second drive and erased the first drive, then loaded the operating system and copied everything back again (keeping the second drive as a mirror of the first). I am basically back to where I started but now have to upgrade 10.3 to 10.3.7. This requires a download of around 100 Meg and on a dial up this will take forever. So I am going to wait for our broadband connection, promised on January 5. All very sobering and a good reminder to back up!