Friday, December 17, 2004

While in line at the traveling fishmonger's van

A week ago we heard about the traveling fishmonger who shows up at a hotel car park every Friday afternoon with fresh fish from Louth, on the Lincolnshire coast. We went to check it out and there was a line of people. When we finally got served, he had no monkfish, so I ordered some for this week. Today I lined up again and before I could say "I ordered some monkfish last week" he slapped a fine filet down on the marble slab at the back end of his van. "You remembered!" said I. He nodded.
We joked that monkfish is often called "poor man's lobster" but John (that's his name) said "not any more" to which I replied "I wouldn't know, I haven't bought a lobster in a long long time!"

What was most interesting about this event, however, was the casual conversation with another customer. Turns out he had lived in Houston during the 1990s and had worked for a British oil company. And he knew people I know and currently work with! It is a small world.