Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Apple Store - Regent Street, London and Bullring, Birmingham

This morning we had an hour to spend in London and decided to visit the Apple Store on Regent Street. This landmark store, the first Apple Store in Europe, opened last November to rave reviews and we can fully understand why.

What is an Apple Store? Well, the first thing you notice is that there is a lot of empty space. This is a very clever marketing ploy in that the average computer store is a bewildering complex of makes, models, etc. etc. There are plenty of knowledgeable people to help (all wearing black t-shirts). There are plenty of Apple computers and iPods to test, all loaded with plenty of software, etc. Upstairs there is the Genius Bar, a place where you can have your computer checked out, questions answered and repairs undertaken. There is also a Theater where non-stop presentations and workshops are conducted all day long. We sat through an introduction to OS X and it was most useful.

London Regent Street has a schedule printed for January so the following may change by February 1. Basically each day of the week has a theme:

Monday: Digital Photos
Tuesday: Digital Music
Wednesday: Business Day
Thursday: Digital Movies
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: Digital Lifestyle

It is likely that February will include sessions on the new iLife 05 and iWork.

April asked if there would be any chance of similar training sessions in the West Midlands. The presenter said, and I quote "That's a great question because we have very good news - Apple is opening a new store in the Bullring, Birmingham very soon and there will be a theater like this (only smaller) with a full program of training sessions". Excellent news!