Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Philip Johnson died today

The architect, Philip Johnson, died today, aged 98. His buildings remain as a monument to his particular genius. Below is one of them, the Williams Tower in Uptown Houston (Galleria Area). This is the tallest building in the world outside of a downtown area. So what? Well, it really does stand there on its own unlike the clusters of skyscrapers in major city centers. It's a magnificent building and the glass acts like the faces of a complex crystal, particularly at certain times of the year when a blood red sunset might be reflected from some panels, oncoming night from others. Quite magical. The building started life as the Transco Tower but Transco was bought by Williams and the name changed. Shortly after taking this picture I was told I could not use a tripod as using it could be "dangerous" to others. What a strange world we live in.