Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Steve Jobs' Keynote presentation on the web

With respect to yesterday's post, it is now possible to watch the entire 2 hour presentation. Things really warm up after 1 hour 15 minutes when iWork is introduced, followed by Mac Mini (it really is small!) and finally the iPod Shuffle. But initially there is a lot of hype about OS X Tiger (10.4) which will be released before June 30, 2005 ("Long before Longhorn") and I can see we'll be buying the family pack!

iWork will be available on January 22 and I'll be in line to get it, so expect a review soonish. If it's as good as the demos showed, then my love affair with Scribus may be short-lived.

Steve Jobs, incidentally, is a master at making presentations, partly because he really believes in his own products (some would say he believes in them too much!)