Saturday, February 05, 2005

Internet Radio Recommendations

I have to admit that I miss American radio! How can this be, you may ask. Well, in the UK there are three basic choices: the BBC (lots of choice but all BBC), Classic FM (good but it gets on one's nerves after a while, too syrupy, too much emphasis on Top 10s) and commercial radio (with a local emphasis and noisy "transatlantic" DJs that quite honestly make them suck).

So, with broadband, why not search the internet. Here are two favorites: though this is now a part of, so check both links in the future as they may break. This station has no voice overs but does have one strange quirk which we don't mind. The mix is mostly classical but every so often Loreena McKennitt is included - no doubt the mixer has a penchant for this Celtic songstress!

Public Radio in the States is something special - listener supported community radio that is everything you don't expect from America. One favorite is KCRW from Los Angeles. Good mix of music, current affairs, etc. etc. that is cosmopolitan. If you happen to come across a fundraiser, don't despair, pledge! They need the money.

Both these stations are listed on iTunes radio.