Sunday, February 13, 2005

One very large aligator!

About six years ago we visited one of our favorite haunts along the Texas Gulf Coast, Anahuac National Wildlife Reserve, and saw more aligators that day than we have seen since despite returning often. This one was the oldest and largest, about twelve feet from nose to tail. Note how many teeth are missing!

And this is what Anuahac looks like (well, it actually doesn't look like this any more, the area had just been cleaned out and it is now overgrown again). The area is called Shoveler Pond and is a great location for all sorts of wildlife. Levees provide a dirt road from which wildlife can be studied and photographed. Cars are great bird blinds and of course they offer a large measure of safety from fast moving 'gators!

At the time we owned a Jeep Safari and here is April with telephoto lens at the ready for that Aligator photo!