Saturday, March 19, 2005

The Outdoor Show at the NEC

Yesterday we spent a great day at the annual Outdoor Show, staged at the NEC, next to Birmingham International Airport. This may have been the first day of Spring as well, and the temperature reached 69ºF in the afternoon. Well, we went with a shopping list and came away with a new tent - a huge Coleman Weather Master. All our other tents (we have three plus a screen shelter, plus a tarp or two) are more suited to Texas deserts and beaches. The new one is a house by comparison. We could have bought a lesser one with thinner groundsheeting and poor quality seams, but Coleman make good tents and good tents cost more. We also got two free sleeping bags thrown in by the vendor, Yeoman Outdoors, as well as a "show discount". Now we are looking forward to a great summer!

What we didn't find there was a new twin burner stove. Seems the one we had in Texas is no longer made due to new regulations (why did we give it away!) and the alternatives are not what we had in mind. Also, April is looking for a set of camping pots that stack so that one pot can be placed on top of another to keep food warm. No luck there either.