Thursday, March 10, 2005

Using an iPod Shuffle

I've just returned from a solo trip to London. I took my iPod Shuffle with me and had the following material downloaded on it:

Chris T and Aerial View from WMFU - 1 hour podcast
Good Food Podcast from KCRW - 1 hour podcast
In-Flight French learn before you Land - 1 hour French lesson downloaded from iTunes
In-Flight Spanish learn before you Land - 1 hour French lesson downloaded from iTunes
Pete Radio #4 - 1 hour podcast
Sounds Eclectic Show (Best of 2004) - 2 hour audio hijack
Sounds Eclectic Show (Elvis Costello live) - 2 hour audio hijack
Sounds Eclectic Show (Inara George live) - 2 hour audio hijack

Eleven hours of listening. I managed 8 hours, most of it either on the train or walking around London. Comments: podcasts have to be interesting from start to finish as you can't fast forward within a "song" on an iPod Shuffle like you can with iTunes on the Mac. Podcasts without music will probably only be listened to once. Music-rich podcasts may have a life beyond one play. In-Flight language tapes are great. Pete's podcast is his best so far with a good variety of music - and that is what playlists and podcasts should be all about!

This afternoon I visited the London Apple Store and spent an hour learning all about iMovie HD. Only thing is, I don't have a movie camera! But I do use iMovie as an audio editing program, so it was still useful. The store was packed. Not a demo Mac was sitting there idle and the theater was full (some people with PC laptops taking advantage of Apple's free wireless network (shame on them for being so brazen!)). Here's a couple of photos (which the security people were quite happy for me to take and that makes for a welcome change!)