Monday, April 04, 2005

BT Sucks

Last week we received our first quarterly bill for the broadband service that started in January. Before we received it we actually got a call from BT (India call center) asking us why we hadn't paid the bill. We next tried to explain that the bill was in error as we are still being charged for dial up as well as broadband. Call this number, they said. So we did. 20 minutes on hold and a person answers and start to sort things out. She admits we have been over-charged and then puts us on hold again to check that a new bill can be mailed. Then we get cut off.

At this point we are in a quandary. They are the phone company, we were cut off, they have our number, surely they will call us back. If we call them we simply get put on hold and they can't call us. So we wait. And we wait. No call.
So I send an e-mail. One of those you send from their web-site and as soon as it's gone, the message disappears (well, not quite, as I copied and pasted the text first into Pages). That was Thursday, March 30th. Have they replied? You, guessed - they haven't.

Then today we find we cannot send out e-mails. We pay extra for what BT calls their premium service. This allows us to send e-mails from (Actually, BT Broadband doesn't include SMTP but they don't tell you this when they sell you the service). Well, it turns out our monthly payment was declined by our bank (we had received new bank cards) so I guess this was our fault. However, the BT (India call servcice) man assured me that an e-mail had been sent to our BT e-mail. I checked. No e-mails since the January 8 "welcome to BT Yahoo service" e-mail.

We can now send e-mails again but no doubt our telephone service will be cut off next as we haven't paid the bill they are supposed to be re-sending, hopefully corrected.