Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Pete Radio

The catholic musical taste(s) of my son Pete are broader than the keyboard on a grand piano. His first seven podcasts are available from Pete Radio Podcast Central. Although I can't say I like everything, the mixes are well thought out and you get that "I wonder what's next?" feeling as each song comes to an end.

Podcasting and mp3j-ing have taken off since the beginning of the year. Already 6 million Americans (of all ages) have downloaded at least one podcast. In most cases, musical podcasts are no different from an earlier genre of making a mix tape or CD to share with friends. They are not so much an exercise in sharing music as sharing musical taste. The record companies (once again, there goes the anachronism as they don't make records any more!) should understand that such podcasts are not a threat to business but a great way to promote their product by "word of mouth".

For example, I really enjoyed one track on Pete's Podcast 6 so I switched to the iTunes music store and downloaded the entire album. In another case I downloaded only the track I liked, leaving the rest of the album untouched. This method of getting out the message is just about the only way I am going to hear new music because I rarely listen to broadcast radio in the UK. And the record (sic) company and the artist have benefited from my purchase.

My local record store is 16 miles from home. Thus I am unlikely to go there just to buy an album (which knowing my luck wouldn't be in stock anyway). So surfing iTunes is a much easier and more cost effective way to shop.