Thursday, May 12, 2005

Not Enough Time!

Life seems to be getting busier these days. It doesn't help that the recent journey through Heathrow caused me to throw my back out of whack (lifting bag and carrying it up two escalators) where it remains, despite whiskey, analgesics and being careful.
But a few things have come across my path that seem to be worth commenting on:

Apple's success in recent months has the stock market in turmoil. Many analysts just can't believe that the company has had a major turnaround and prefer to believe in a doomsday scenario that states "Yahoo entering the music download scene is hurting the competition". But wait a minute, Apple stands to make very little on iTunes song sales - think of the 400 million sold so far as a loss leader for promoting iPod and the Apple multi-media in general. Then, today, Bill Gates weighs in with his opinion that iPods are a flash in the pan. I don't doubt that they are, Bill, but why are you so busy talking down Apple and not saying anything important about your own company? Let me guess: there is very little to say, what with Longhorn still 18 months away while Apple OS X Tiger is already on sale.

No we haven't installed OS X Tiger yet, but the reports suggest that we should without delay.

The early English summer is stalled for the moment - cold northerly winds today but with them some sunshine.

Post election blues seem to have me depressed. Another 4 years of spin and nanny state politics. And now Europe is trying to force us to limit working hours to 48 a week. Hard work never hurt anybody and the bills do get paid a bit quicker!

It dawned on me this week that our reviews on could be better placed on, together with Google adsense advertising as a potential revenue stream. So far we've made $40 in nearly three years on Not exactly lucrative.