Saturday, July 02, 2005

If Live 8 isn't your thing. . . .

Personally, I doubt if Live 8 will do more than create temporary awareness - for just about as long as the G8 leaders are meeting together. Once they've parted company, we'll be back to the same old same old.

So what to do this weekend? Here are a few of recommendations: First, play any CD in the Putumayo World Music catalog. This is a company that actually encourages Third World musicians (unlike the Live 8 organizers who felt that they needed "big names" rather than less well known African musicians). Second, play one of the three albums by the Afro Celts Sound System - again, music that supports African musicians, in this case from Guinea/Senegal. David Byrne and Peter Gabriel also well known supporters of African music on a day to day basis so their music is also OK with me for this occasion!