Friday, July 08, 2005

Report from London - The journey home

I decided to leave early to avoid the inevitable rush hour crush. So, at 4 p.m. I set off across Green Park and then Hyde Park to Paddington. Nearly all the journey was in open green space, something I had not really understood before. Fortunately the wet weather of the morning gave way to warm sunshine, helping along the many others who were doing without public transport in the Zone 1 area of Central London.

At Paddington the indicator boards told a familiar story - many services cancelled, the rest delayed. The next train on the North Cotswold Line was delayed, but then up came the platform number, a few passengers boarded and we were off. A nearly empty train didn't seem right at all, given the numbers that would be traveling later.

This train was a "slow" train so it made more stops than usual. By the time we arrived in Oxford the train was taken out of service because a fast train was right behind (an ironic twist to the saying that you wait for a London bus for half an hour and then three show up). So, after waiting five minutes, in came the fast train, loaded to the vestibules. We climbed aboard and made it home.

A stiff Scotch seemed appropriate as I called family to say I was home.