Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why introduce identity cards for a nation with no identity?

I read the Daily Telegraph (paper or on-line, whichever comes to hand easier) and in particular seek out the opinions of Mark Steyn, a journalist based in New York but with a keen insight to Britain and the British. His column today carries a stinging commentary on the way in which multiculturalism has managed to wipe out peoples' identities. Worth reading, IMO, but you may have to register first.

I have always found multiculturalism a paradox. Its aim is to make us all feel the same, yet to do so it provides the means to stress that we're all different. Equal Opportunity Employment policy is a good example - rather than hire the best person for the job, we must satisfy quotas. Hence the sort of comment "Well, they hired Ms X because she's black, not because she's any good at what she does" which in itself is a terrible thing to say but if its true then no-one wins, least of all Ms X.

My solution is for us all to be color, faith and gender blind. Take people for what they are, not for what you want them to be. Never easy, never fooproof, but a whole lot better than enforced multiculturalism.

[steps down from soap box]