Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Apple's October 2005 Keynote

Steve Jobs continues to rate as one of business' best leaders and self-promoters - promoting Apple, of course! Armed with an excellent visual and aural backup, his latest keynote address is superb. Stream it here (scroll down to the bottom of the page. The new iMac, the Video iPod and iTunes 6 are all introduced and demonstrated.

I am much impressed with the new Video iPod, so I downloaded an episode from Lost and I have to say that, for $1.99, the video clarity is excellent. One observation, however, is that the lip-sync can get out of sync if other memory hungry apps are used at the same time (on my PowerBook). Simply pausing the video brings everything back together.

You can buy a 7 DVD set of Lost's first season for around £25 in the UK. iTunes charges $35 for the complete season download. That's about a wash. The difference with iTunes is that you can download each new episode the day after it airs in the US. I am not sure if UK iTunes offers the same deal.

Who are the winners here? The consumer gets more choice. Apple, the deliverer of new technolocy, gets to sell more stuff (and give away more free software which helps to sell more stuff) while Disney has a new pipeline for its creative products. Expect other creative sources to follow Disney's example.

And the losers? Advertisers, their agencies, traditional networks, etc. Expect the BBC to demand an increase in license fee because no-one watches regular TV any more!

So the 60 Gig Video iPod looks like it's going to figure on my wish list!