Monday, November 28, 2005

Observations on how Politicians (don't) think

My parallel blog, Global Warming is Good has been getting a few entries during the past month, mainly because the climate change scene is progressing from green to any other color but green. Yellow looks like the flavor of the month (nuclear) but one thing seems certain, wind farms are being shown up for the scam they really are.

My point here, though, is not to repeat what has already been written but rather to make the observation that politicians don't seem to be capable of thinking any more. This is what they do instead. They

1. Gage public opinion and pander to what seems to be popular;

2. Send up trial balloons with ideas that "might" work. When the media and public opinion shoot holes in the balloons and they collapse, the politicians send up more;

3. Refuse to recognize the obvious and keep prodding along dead horses regardless of the cost;

4. Live in a different world, at least judging by some their statements to pensioners and the like.