Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A day trip to Paris

A quick business trip found me flying to Paris this morning from Birmingham, taking a cab to the 2nd Arrondissement, and looking up an office address that turned out to be next to some sordid sex shops, fabric wholesalers and interesting looking cafes. The meeting went well and at 6 p.m. I asked about getting a taxi back to the airport. "Better not take a cab outside, they are for the taxi girls!". So I walked up to the main street nearby and soon hailed a legitimate cab to the airport.

The Paris I was in was certainly interesting, a bit like London's Soho. Even more so were the streets the taxi took to get onto the autoroute to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Paris is a truly multicultural city. In fact, it was hard to see a "Parisian" on the sidewalks as we drove through kilometers of African-dominated neighborhoods. My Parisian cab driver seemed none too impressed, switching on his radio and tuning in to the local news at high volume.

A long day but an interesting one!