Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Fact of Evolution

I am often stumped at trying to convince lay persons of the simplicity of evolution. This has become all the more important now that Intelligent Design (ID) has become so popular. So I was delighted to find this article by Richard Dawkins.

Not only does Dawkins provide simple explanations for Darwin's "Origin of Species" he also explains why it is difficult for people to accept something that is inherently so simple. He opines that it is time we stopped referring to the "theory" of evolution as a theory. As far as Dawkins is concerned, the theory became fact a long time ago. One of the most difficult challenges facing scientists today is the retort "yes, but it's only a theory, you can't prove it!" Almost anything that takes eons of time to work (evolution, plate tectonics to name two) is all too easy to dismiss by those who have no concept of geologic time.

If you or anyone you know is facing the problem of having ID thrust into "young skulls full of mush", give them this link. Our species' survival depends on it!