Friday, December 30, 2005

Flickr and Blogger

As Pete has pointed out (and thank you for the plug!) the sub-weblog on railroads is "contextualizing" the Flickr set on railroads. I am finding this quite easy to do and most sasitfying. The combination works like this, should you be interested in emulating it:

First the photos are uploaded to Flickr, complete with title, tags and description. If necessary I change the date the photo was taken as well (Flickr assumes that all scanned images without EXIF data are taken on the day the file is uploaded). Next, when I feel like writing up a particular segment, I access Blogger and write away. The images on the weblog are linked. That is, Blogger merely has a link to a particular image size on Flickr. These links are automatically generated by Flickr so they can be copied and pasted into blogger.

The final piece is to place a link in the Flickr description that points the surfer to the weblog. This introduces the casual surfer to the additional details on the weblog and thereby also opens up the rest of the weblog. Here is an example.

Finally, because Blogger is owned by Google, it has a really good search engine that can be used to search just one weblog. So there is another way to easily find an entry. Which will be necessary after a while!