Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Asia in the 1970s" Upgraded

I have been modifiying all the Focalplane content to match the new look and the latest to turn black is "Asia in the 1970s". I think this was the first full page of content I programmed and I am still quite pleased with it. The photos are all from the 1970s and some were in poor condition when scanned. Nonetheless, there are one or two of my all time favorites in the group, not the least of which is "Iban Elder". If you click here you will see it on a black background.

The travelogue reads well after several years but I do note a certain melancholia in the writing. And it's true. I really do not want to revisit some of the places mentioned as I feel sure I will be disappointed to see so much change. I did return to Singapore in the 1990s and was quite horrified at how little heritage had been preserved in the rush to modernise.