Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Flickr Friends!

I really enjoy Flickr. It's not too addictive and after using it for a while the cream seems to rise to the top as members search out each other on the basis of common interests, similar levels of experience and so on. So here is a short list of recommended non-family Flickr-ites:

Recursion see Recursion

A Warwickshire man with a good eye for details! With only 102 photos uploaded I would like to see more! I have blatantly followed in his footsteps twice (Bullring blob a.k.a. Selfridges and Hatton Locks). Not quite planted my figurative tripod feet where his may have stood but close!

Robert Silverwood

Another nearby Flickr-ite with a lot of photos of locations that we know well. His photos provide proof that high end digital cameras are a match for traditional film, with or without some interesting processing techniques (HDR). Robert also gives plenty of background information for some of his compositions.


A photographer with a keen interest in architecture, particularly of the grand style. Again, lots of good solid information and a willingness to enter into discussions about his subjects.


Some superb shots, again proving that high end digital SLRs are here to stay. Recent photos taken in the Lake District prove my point!


Brenda is the opitomy of Flickr - a real community member with roots in the northeast (England) as well as the Birmingham area. Her love of photographic experiment shows a youthful exuberence for taking a chance. Having Brenda as a contact means that you are always likely to come across some refreshing stuff.


Canadian member I stumbled across while in Calgary. Lovely scenic shots of British Columbia with attention to details often lost on others.