Monday, March 13, 2006

Googling Greenland!

I have managed to do this with 6 of the 7 Greenland images.

I have cropped the image from Google Earth as close as possible to match the view in the photo.

Now this means that I have removed the text from the image that says this is copyright Google and Digitalglobe and MDAEarthSat. I acknowledge all three made this comparison possible.

The first step I took was to view the East Greenland coast until I found the same coastal features. I then zoomed in until Google Earth was at 38,000 feet (an average flight plan elevation) and played around with the controls until the oblique view more or less matched the photo. As noted above, I then had to crop the Google image to match the view captured on film. The original Google image noted the location: 63º 15' 5.62" N, 41º 22' 39.55".

There are several differences. The most obvious to me is that Google's terrain is less mountainous. I was surprised by that. The second is, of course, the amount of snow, ice and bergs. My photo was taken in August 2000 probably close to the warmest time of the year. Google's image was probably taken earlier in the season because of the greater quantity of snow and icebergs. I have no idea which year the Google image was acquired.