Monday, March 20, 2006


This post and comments on demonstrate the general loathing of minimum wage workers toward the only management they have any contact with - so-called Middle Management. Actually, in this case (where the workers at a coffee shop walked out en masse, leaving a note on the door) the cafe manager is probably better described as "Lower Management". In more ways than one, apparently.

In reading the numerous comments I am drawn to the fact that no-one has looked any higher up the corporate ladder. This is a sad reflection of the fact that minimum wage workers are not thought about much by the people who employ them and profit by them. In most organizations I know there are several layers within the management hierarchy. This means that the cafe's manager has a manager who also has a manager and so on all the way to the top. I am stating the obvious here because it may not be that obvious to many looking up from the base of the corporate pyramid. Particularly if they never actually see or hear from those who run the company.

I am not going to defend the manager of the cafe but I am also not prepared to believe it was all his fault. If his managers had done their job properly he would probably either not have been promoted or would have been given guidance on how to get the best out of people. The sad truth is that many managers hold low paid workers with near contempt. Shame on them. People deserve respect no matter what position they hold or how much money they don't make. Via Pete.