Saturday, April 22, 2006

Higher Dunscombe Cliff Rock Fall

We just spent a week in East Devon and decided that a professional inspection of the recent rock fall (or cliff collapse, or whatever you would like to call the periodic and catastrophic erosion of a cliff face) was justified.

Rockfall on Higher Dunscombe Cliff

The South West Coast Path has been blocked off with tape so we had to work our way around the padlocked stiles, etc. What we found was that a large section of the cliff path has simply disappeared. This set of Flickr images will help to show what exactly happened. The Flickr photos have notes, so do explore the set.

It is clear that, although a large section of the cliff collapsed in February, this was not the largest rock fall to have occurred as older, larger rocks exist further out to sea. But it is quite dramatic, nonetheless. And there are a few more bits remaining up there to fall as soon as the cracks widen (if there is no rain) or become waterlogged (if there is rain). No predictions as to when this might happen but in geological terms, "soon" might be appropriate!