Monday, May 15, 2006


Positive 5 star recommendation. Simple to use and therefore likely to be used. I understand why Dantz’ Retrospect is in trouble (although I hear that IT types still like it for large network backups, etc.)

My computer has an 80 Gig drive so I bought a LaCie-Porsche 80 Gig portable drive and the backups are working like a charm. April’s 40 Gig drive will backup to an existing 120 Gig LaCie drive that has been partitioned into two 60 Gig volumes - one for backup, one for photos (which are also backed up on Flickr).

Following the first complete backup of all files, SuperDuper! creates a bootable disk that mirrors the PowerBook’s hard drive. By restarting the computer with the option key pressed, it is possible to select a bootable drive (there will be two available, the internal and the external). Booting from the Firewire backup provides the same desktop, layout and so on - an exact mirror of the original. Very neat. I even tried starting April’s Powerbook with my backup drive and it worked a treat.