Monday, June 26, 2006

England 1 - Ecuador 0

This was a tough game to watch. Once again, England hardly entertained (isn't that what football is all about?). Nail-biting performances are tough on the system of an England fan.

To be fair, Ecuador never looked a real contender but then again, neither did England except for a few rare flashes of soccer genius. More and more, England seems to be relying on the set piece to bring them goals and Beckham's bender was a much needed beauty.

But perhaps the most telling part of the game was during the first ten minutes. England came out dominating with some fine mid-field play. Then after about 6 minutes one break by Ecuador created a near opportunity (saved by a deflection from Ashley Cole, one of the better players of the afternoon) and England's impetus was lost until the 60th minute.

An aside, if Beckham was physically sick on the pitch because of the heat, why does he choose to wear long-sleeved shirts? Is it a fashion thing?