Tuesday, June 27, 2006

One Brave Lady

This report should have you thinking twice about all the political rhetoric from Westminster. How many MPs and government ministers have any idea what it is like to be living in the trenches of modern society? Not one. And the same sentiment must also apply to Derby City Council who blithely say that 69 year old Josephine Rooney should pay her local taxes "because by not doing so she is hurting all those that do". It takes a brave lady to take a stand and at her age she must be very brave to risk going to prison for her principles.

The footnote to this story is interesting. She will, apparently, have to serve her sentence in full because there is no remission for good behavior when you don't pay your debts. Monetary debts that is. Kill someone, rape someone, molest a child and you can easily get a reduced sentence for good behavior. Money talks.