Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Heat

Some musings about the current heatwave:

It is wonderful weather, a stable anticyclone like we have not had for several years. Have you heard anyone say "anticyclone" in the past week? I doubt it. Weather forecasting (a.k.a. meteorology) has been simplified for the masses. Now the TV presenters are told to say "partly sunny" instead of "partly cloudy" so we don't get depressed.

The government is determined to tell us how to survive the heat here at home. Does anyone queuing for a flight to Malaga or Faro ever get similar warnings about the weather there? Of course not.

It is possible that this recent hot spell will continue for the rest of the summer. The jet stream is at high latitudes, the earth is warm, the ocean is reasonably warm. Of course, there will be showers in between the good spells but that is what keeps the countryside looking green.

The water companies are getting into hot water with every dry, rainless day. The regulating authority plans to "fine" Thames Water £140 million for providing poor customer service. The proceeds of the fine will go to the Treasury. In other words it's a tax! Thames Water will have less funds available for customer service. Methinks there are toasted brains within the government (they're not heeding their own warnings!)

Next February we will wish the weather was always as hot and sunny as it is today!