Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Introducing Fray Bentos

Several fellow Flickr-ites have had a profound effect on my photography, influencing changes in the way I see things or simply introducing me to new techniques, such as HDR. But one individual, Fray Bentos, has opened up the past. His pictures are of great historical and social value and are worth a detailed look. His descriptions and the discussions that often follow make for fascinating reading, for Flickr isn't just a photo sharing site, it's also a forum to discuss almost anything! Mr. Bentos was scrupulously detailed in his photography and dated every photo he took - to the day!. That was years before the EXIF file format was even dreamed about!

As a result, I have been scanning old photos from a similar era (I would guess we are close to being the same age) and recently found this one of my mother and I disembarking from a Douglas DC-3 at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man in 1953. It was my first flight. Notice how we dressed up to fly in those days! No shell suits for us!

Disembarking at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man, 1953