Sunday, August 13, 2006

Airport Security

Since my earlier report not much has become clearer and much remains unknown, at least as far as the general public is concerned. The upheaval at airports continues so Al Qaeda, I assume, must be pleased with their efforts even without a single martyr. The UK Government is claiming our airport security will remain safe with the new restrictions in force. In fact, the reports suggest that The security measures are making travel more difficult, particularly at a busy time of year, but they are necessary and will continue to keep flights fully secure.

Fully secure? Then explain how people are finding things stolen from their hold baggage. If people behind the scenes at airports can open bags to take things out then we have to assume that they can also put things in. How well profiled are airport staff - cleaners, baggage handlers, security officers, etc. at British airports? Given that profiling is frowned upon in PC UK, I have to assume that there is a chance that the odd mechanic, cleaner or cabin crew member could be on the wrong side of reason.

Israel's El Al, considered to be the safest airline flying, uses profiling to separate those who may be a threat from those who are unlikely to be a threat. Politically correct random searches do little to find the real threat, indeed they can alienate the very general public who otherwise might be a lot more helpful and supportive.

The most important "fact" at the moment is that a dozen or so planes did not fall out of the sky over the Atlantic. But as the many conspiracy theorists will point out, we have actually not been given much evidence, yet, that the acts of atrocity would have taken place. The thought that a 1984 type scenario is unfolding within the neo-con cabals of Washington DC is very worrying to those who believe in Freedom.

To try and sort out what is going on, I have studied the mainstream news (BBC, etc.) and then listened to the first hour of this week's Republic Broadcasting Network. At the end of all this I feel none the wiser but very concerned that I don't.